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Wouldn't It Be Awesome To Know You Could:
  •  Get in front of any audience at any time with the confidence to speak publicly?
  •  Grow the business of your dreams without spending thousands of dollars on a marketing team?
  •  Set your own schedule, spend more time with the people you love and work from wherever you want?
  •  Get paid to travel the world and meet awesome people along the way? 
  •  Be an inspiration to thousands of people all over the world just by being yourself?
Be A Public Speaker™ is a 4 week course that will help you gain the confidence and courage to share your story with the world... 
and actually teach you how to do it.
Hi, I’m Alexa, Public Speaker, Founder of Women Empower X and Creator of Be A Public Speaker™. 

In the past 4 years i’ve had the privilege of speaking in front of thousands of people on hundreds of stages around the world. 

I’ve booked out some of the top convention centers in the country where I’ve had over 3,000 people in attendance at my events. I’ve built a business where I can make more money speaking for one hour, once a month, than I did at my full-time 40/ hour a week job. 

I’ve been featured on the cover of top magazines in my industry and named one of the most powerful women in my hometown. I’ve made a real difference in thousands of lives and I call this my job… 

The reason i’m telling you this is because I want to show you what is possible. 

I didn’t get where I am today by accident. I’ve been working towards this dream for the past 10 years, and working hard! And through these 10 years i’ve learned so many lessons, tools, and strategies that I wish I knew early on that would have saved me THOUSANDS of HOURS and THOUSANDS of DOLLARS. 

That’s why I created this course, because I want you to start speaking, confidently and authentically, TODAY! (...And you can) 
When I first got started I waited almost a year as the rejection letters flowed in. Once I changed my strategy, mindset, and began thinking outside of the box of how to get in front of people, my business, brand, and career skyrocketed. 

Within a year I was getting paid $5,000 for a 45 minute talk plus travel to do what I love AND I was making a positive difference in thousands of lives along the way.

Not only did I grow my brand as a speaker but I grew my business through this amazing marketing tool. 
Public speaking is by far the most effective marketing strategy. If you know how to confidently speak in front of others, you have unlimited potential to achieve your goals. This applies to any business, any career.
Think about this for a moment: 
You are only one speech away from… 
  •  Gaining unwavering confidence in all areas of your personal and professional life
  •  Financial freedom
  • Selling out of your products and services
  • Changing someone’s life and creating a ripple effect in the world
  • Filling up your calendar for the entire year with new clients
  • Getting paid to travel and stay in the nicest resorts
  • Earning a new revenue stream that’s making you more money you could have ever dreamed… as a SPEAKER
  • Getting that promotion you’ve been working hard for
  • Building a mass movement of people whose lives you positively affect

Be A Public Speaker Will...
  •  provide strategies to develop your voice and give you the confidence to share your story authentically (and help you discover that impactful story). 
  •  show you exactly how to brand yourself as a speaker on social media, on your website, and in your speaker materials to help you stand out from the crowd.
  •  teach you how to craft a pitch to get you booked as a speaker at events that will catapult your brand forward making you a thought leader in your industry.
  •  help show you the way to confidently grow your brand from the stage and make a difference in thousands of lives.
  •  Email Templates For: Cold Email Pitch, Testimonial Request, Speaker Fee Negotiation ($97 Value)
  • FIVE Extra Bonuses ($97 Value)
  •  Access to me one-on-one through Private Facebook Group ($1,100 Value)
  •  LIFETIME ACCESS (priceless)
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I encourage you to make the one-time small investment of $297 to learn how to take your business and brand to the next level through public speaking. Once you learn how to do it, you'll be able to use it to achieve your goals for the rest of your life.
Alexa Carlin
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"Thank you so much for creating such a phenomenal program. There were so many great lessons and takeaways and excited about implementing them all. The goal for 2019 is to do a minimum of 10 speaking engagements, and with the program, you've put together, I have no apprehension I will be able to achieve it." 
-Angelina Rosario

"I have wonderful news!!! I pitched my talks to a client and got hired to do not one but three talks!!!! I did it with my One Page speakers page and with a follow up meeting. Thanks again for your guidance." 
- Anadel Alberti
"Alexa's 'How to Become A Public Speaker' course was a great and necessary introduction to the public speaking world. Not only did I learn the different types of public speaking opportunities that are available, but I also learned the key elements to crafting a compelling speech and best practices to get booked myself as a public speaker. This course gives you all of the tools you need to become a successful public speaker if you follow Alexa's guidelines and practice, practice, practice!"

-Aaron C.
Let me quickly tell you a little about my journey and how I discovered the power of public speaking as the vehicle towards change… 

Senior year of college when I was 21 years old, only 5 months before graduation my life changed forever. 

I was induced into a medical-coma and given a one-percent chance of living. 

This near-death experience changed my life forever. Six months after I was discharged from the hospital I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and I spent years working to heal my body. 

Day in and day out I would wait for my life to change. Wait until the day would arrive where I felt healthy enough to start chasing after my dreams again. 

But after two and a half years of nothing working I was sick and tired of waiting and I decided to stop allowing my past to define my future. 

“You must not wait for your life to change you must change your own life.”
At that moment I decided to start sharing my story vulnerably in front of others. 

I thought, the only way I can make a real difference in others lives is if they knew what I was going through. If maybe by me sharing my story it would inspire others to never give up on their dreams (even when the odds are stacked up against you).

So… I started to share. 

The days, months I felt sick, I would share live on social media and the days I felt healthy I would work to book myself as a speaker at local events. 

Once I figured out the right strategy… everything else fell into place and right before my eyes I saw my life, both personal and professional, transform!

Flash forward to 4 years later and I've spoken on hundreds of stages around the country, inspired thousands of people, quit my job to work on my dreams full-time, learned how to make money as a speaker (even when doing free gigs!), and have grown my business to be one of the largest events for female entrepreneurs... all through public speaking!

Don't be fooled though. It wasn't my story that created all of this. No- it was my ability to RELATE to my audience and share whatever message I was sharing CONFIDENTLY. 

Whether you’re a coach who wants to take your coaching program to the next level, a passionate entrepreneur ready to use public speaking as a marketing vehicle, a motivated individual ready to position yourself as an expert in your industry, or an aspiring speaker who wants to change the world, 
Be A Public Speaker will teach you EXACTLY how to do it. 

This is unlike anything else you’ve invested in. Why? Because it’s not just a course, delivered weekly with effective, simple-to-follow business modules, but it’s also life-time access to a growing community of inspiring individuals from around the world, ongoing support and continuous education that’s required to build a successful business as a public speaker. 

Palm Beach Central High School Student Government Districts Conference
University of Wisconsin
Women Empower Expo Washington DC 
Broward College
University of Florida
Women Empower Expo Fort Lauderdale 2016
Creative Mornings Palm Beach
Social Media Week
Creative Mornings Fort Lauderdale
Taco Bell Headquarters, California
AFLV, Indianapolis
The Blogger's Union
Periscope Summit, New York City
Women Empower Expo Fort Lauderdale 2017
“I wanted to share that yesterday I went through Module 1 and loved it! Alexa, you've definitely put in time and thought into this training and the value is huge! I am thankful that I have had access to this info in an organized form, because it relieves a lot of the overwhelm we can sometimes feel as beginning speakers. Today I plan on working on fleshing out my signature talks. Thanks and I am excited to apply all this knowledge and get booked.” -Nia, “Be A Public Speaker” student
MODULE 1: Crafting Your Signature Talk
Find your voice, discover your core message, and begin to formulate your speaking style
  • Discover your core message. 
  • The do's and don'ts of creating your speaking strategy
  • Solidify your target audience and niche 
  • Learn the difference between keynote vs. platform speakers 
  • Create your focus topics and titles for your signature talks
  • Learn how to differentiate your talks
  • Learn my TWO winning formula's for an IMPACTFUL & MEMORABLE talk
MODULE 2: Speaker Branding 101
Learn how to brand yourself as a thought leader in your industry
  • Identify the necessary pages you need on your website
  • Learn the simple things on your social media that is stopping you from growing your business
  • Cultivate your social media voice and learn how to brand yourself across all platforms
  • Discover the best way to grow your brand while getting great practice as a speaker
  • Get access to marketing material templates 
MODULE 3: Let's Get You Booked
Start filling up your speaker schedule TODAY!
  • Learn the do’s & don’ts of successful pitching to get booked as a speaker
  • Discover the secret to writing headlines that stand out
  • Learn exactly what to NEVER include in your pitch (majority do it more often than not... and it needs to stop!)
  • Learn the hacks on how to find speaking engagements
  • Get access to pitch templates
  • Learn the pro's and con's of working with an agent
  • Understand how to negotiate your speaker fee
MODULE 4: Preparing For The Talk
The preparation for a successful talk & continued growth
  • Learn the best way to practice your talk, customized to you
  • Gain the confidence needed for a successful talk
  • Discover the key questions you should be asking the conference/ meeting organizer before your talk (this is extremely important that most people don't do!)
  •  Learn how to captivate your audience and leave them wanting more 
  • Get the formula on what to do if you mess up on stage and how to speak through distractions or technology malfunctions
  • Learn what to do post-speech that makes all the difference to creating a sustainable business
Plus, FIVE special bonuses, including:
  • Email Templates For: Cold Email Pitch, Follow Up Testimonial Request, Speaker Fee Negotiation
  • Speaker One-Sheet Downloadable Template
  • Speaker Tracking Downloadable Template
  • Alexa’s Ideation Inspiration Formula
  • The Speaker Toolkit 
  • Access to the Private BAPS Facebook Group
“Alexa was in a word: amazing. Her message addressing inequality touched on themes of empowerment, positivity and gratitude. At age 26, Alexa is already a national figure hosting national conferences and speaking to major corporations. She electrified and inspired the crowd. It was amazing to experience.”

“Alexa was absolutely incredible. She was able to connect with our students on a level they understood and show them the importance of Greek life and the lifelong benefits that it provides. Throughout her speech, students were super engaged and hanging onto every word. As an event planner, seeing the audience so enthusiastic and engaged in the conversation made me very excited to have brought Alexa to our campus.”

“Alexa’s powerful message left our Live Más Scholarship students in awe of her journey, yet empowered and inspired enough to create their own. She was just as fun and engaging as she was raw and authentic which allowed our students to not only connect to her, but also to each other. We are grateful for her time and words of wisdom and hope future audiences find her insight just as impactful as we did.”

"Just wanted to reach out and thank you again for sharing your story and the tips you gave me on public speaking. I really was in tune with your talk and you did an incredible job! I learned so much! Also, congratulations on all of your well-earned accomplishments! I hope to be an accomplished public speaker like you one day.”


Frequently Asked Questions
I am horrible at memorizing speeches. Will I be required to do this in order to be a successful speaker? 
Heck no! I don’t ever memorize my speeches! In this course I don’t teach “one way or the highway” because I understand every single person is unique in their own talents and own way of learning. I have created a strategy on how to practice and perform as a public speaker that anyone can customize to meet their own strengths. (I’m here to make you less nervous remember!)
Do I need to have professional training to be able to take this course or previous experience speaking on a stage?
No professional training or prior experience necessary of any kind. 
I’ve been applying for speaking engagements through conference applications and only hear back from a few, will you teach this in your course on how to stand out in a pitch? 
YES!! I will teach you exactly what to include and what NOT to include to make sure your application stands out from the crowd! I’ll also teach you a ton of other ways to get speaking gigs that you probably haven’t tried yet (and they work better than the application process!) 
I’ve been slowly growing my following on social media but I really want to step up my game. Will you cover this in your course?
Yes. In module 2 we go over branding 101. You’ll learn everything from how to set up your Instagram bio to create more leads for your business (or your speaking career) as well as ways to create more targeted engagement to grow your tribe. (Which will ultimately help you reach the goals)
I wrote and published a book but now I need help selling it other than Amazon. Will this course help? 
All great writers become public speakers for a reason. IT’S THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO SELL THEIR BOOK. Yes, you’ll learn everything you need to know to become confident selling from the stage, sharing your story, and tying it into your book. 
I have a ton of things i’m passionate about but I don’t know that ONE topic I can speak on. 
You will have plenty of ideas while taking this course. You’ll also receive a bonus download with 50 speaking topics to help you get started!
I have a story but I’m afraid it’s not good enough or even worth telling. 
Your story WILL inspire others. Plain and simple. I say this with the utmost confidence AND i’ll teach you how to tell your story in a way that blows the audience off their feet (or should I say chairs? Standing ovation anyone?)
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